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A Worldwide Resolution

Every year as the holiday season approaches, our minds reflect on the turning over of the calendar and what kind of year lies ahead of us. We begin to think about changes we can make and old dreams start to look shiny once again. 

Ultimately, our problem is one of endurance; we lose steam all too soon. It’s not that we’ve chosen unworthy goals, but poor planning or a lack of resources can deter us from sticking to something we really want to achieve. Such is the case for many who choose to live a greener lifestyle starting January 1st. 

Going green is a goal that, if undertaken by everyone, would change the world for the better. Together we could:

Changing everything about our lifestyle in order to do our part seems daunting, though. And there are many who make the claim that it is simply too expensive to cross over completely. The resources and planning seem too hard to maintain.

That might be true about many things, but it doesn’t have to be true about your waste management. By using our company’s resources and taking your trash to places like our Henderson collection center, Western Elite is making our green resolutions a lot easier to fulfill.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

While there are certain aspects of going green that are a bigger sell than others (installing solar panels on the roof of the house takes a bit more planning than switching to metal water bottles, for instance), we will win the war of sustainability by working smarter, not harder.

For regular people like us, this can be done in a number of small ways:

  • Getting rid of one-use plastics (remember the metal water bottles!)
  • Grow your own food and buy local
  • Use long-lasting CFL light bulbs
  • Consider Western Elite for your waste dumpster rental
  • Start a compost

Much of the “smarter, not harder” conversation hinges on conserving energy now and in the long run. Choosing reusable items like cloth shopping bags and metal drinking straws, or making the changes listed above, can go a long way toward helping the environment while making your life easier at the same time. The same can be said for choosing a garbage dumpster rental from Western Elite.

How Western Elite Makes a Difference

Trying to sort out our country’s trash epidemic, let alone a world scale, can be too much for any one person, or even one corporation, to handle. We’ve written before about the amount of trash we as a collective produce on an annual basis and it is certainly a lot to take in. 

We also shared ways in which Western Elite is taking a stand in Nevada to be an example of change. Not only are we making it easier to schedule a waste dumpster rental, but we are choosing to work harder so that you can work smarter. This is accomplished in a few specific ways:

  • Sifting through 100% of trash for recyclable materials
  • Providing many different types of dumpster sizes for every job
  • Providing same-day delivery and pick-up

Together, we can make going green a reality for the long haul, instead of getting frustrated and stopping early.