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Acceptable Materials

The following material is generally acceptable for disposal in a Western Elite Collection Center or Dumpster without the need for special arrangements:

  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Yard waste
  • Recyclable materials

Unacceptable Materials

Hazardous materials, food waste, liquid waste, toxic substances, pollutants, contaminants, infectious wastes, medical wastes or radioactive wastes defined by applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations.

Henderson Collection Center

Our newest collection site in Henderson is a custom-built facility conveniently located on West Warm Springs Road between I-215 and Boulder Highway. Providing access to both commercial and residential customers, we accept most household, construction, and green waste so you can avoid the hassle that’s often associated with disposal.

Self Drop-Off

Our goal is to provide a quick and easy waste disposal solution. Oftentimes, homeowners are discouraged from undertaking large projects in the house or yard due to the accumulation of waste. While we provide timely dumpster rental services, you can also load up your waste and drop it off at our Henderson facility. Whether you have a small truck / trailer or up to a commercial vehicle, we are assist you with quick and efficient service.

A Greener Approach

Western Elite is one of the largest recycling operations in the state of Nevada, and it’s our goal to make our community even greener. One hundred percent of the material we collect–both through our on-site dumpster rental and our local drop-off locations–is processed and sorted to recover recyclable materials. This post-collection sorting method is more effective than source-separated programs. Not only does it let you off the hook from most of the sorting process, but it also ensures materials are properly handled and maximizes the quantity of recyclable material that gets to see new life. This makes our community, and the world, a cleaner place to live.

You Have Waste. We Have a Solution.

For those who prefer curbside service, we offer a number of dumpster rental options that can accommodate any needs – large or small. Renting a commercial dumpster doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. If you are in the Nevada area, simply call Western Elite, and we can have a dumpster to your home within 4 hours or whenever you need us. With over 600 million tons of C&D refuse made annually, we are truly the Nevada waste disposal experts.

Whether you’re a contractor, landscaper, or just cleaning up your home and yard, we provide the perfect local solution. Stop by and don’t waste your day down in the dumps!

Use our Text Line at (702) 440-4242 to schedule an exchange or pickup within our 4-hour guarantee!

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