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You may think your project is too small to rent a construction dumpster. Whether it’s a home remodeling project or a big, new build, one of Western Elite’s roll-off dumpster rentals might come in handy!

Dumpsters for Residential or Commercial Projects

For personal or professional projects, a construction dumpster can prove invaluable to the job. Save yourself time and money and avoid making multiple dump runs by instead renting one of Western Elite’s roll-off dumpsters.

Questions to Ask Before You Rent

It may simply be a matter of picking the day and where the dumpster will be delivered, or the process may require a few extra steps. Before you rent a construction dumpster, be sure to ask yourself the following questions.

Do I need a permit?

Depending on where you live, you might need permission to have a dumpster of any size delivered. Some homeowners’ associations may not permit a dumpster to be delivered in front of residences, so be sure to check. There may also be limits regarding how long the city will allow you to have a dumpster parked curbside, so look into whether or not you can fit the dumpster on your property if need be.

Since it can take weeks for a permit to be approved and issued, be sure to start this process well before you need to collect and haul away construction debris from your site.

Where do I put the dumpster?

Once you’ve received any necessary approval for a construction dumpster rental, be sure to clear a space for it prior to delivery. You will also need to be at the site in person for delivery to ensure the dumpster is accurately placed. Since you’re not permitted to move the dumpster yourself, we want to be able to communicate with you onsite regarding its placement to make sure you’re satisfied.

The perfect placement for a construction dumpster is one that is easily accessible not just for your debris, but for our trucks as well. As you consider where we’ll put the roll-off dumpster, be sure there are no fences, power lines, or trees in the way to hinder delivery and pickup.

What size do I need?

Western Elite offers construction dumpsters with low sides to make it easier to load heavy materials, but that may mean you need more than one dumpster to get the job done. Our other dumpsters can hold 15 to 40 yards, and we can help you estimate which size you need based on the type of construction project you’re undertaking.

What’s the weight limit?

If you’re trashing heavy building materials, like metal, concrete, or sand, be sure to reserve a construction dumpster that can handle the weight. We usually recommend our Lowboy (with its low sides) because it’s designed for heavy loads. If you’re discarding lighter-weight materials like drywall, shingles, or packaging, our 15- to 40-yard dumpsters might be right for you. 

You can fill your dumpster to the fill line as long as it remains within the weight limit of 8 tons. Loads that exceed 8 tons will incur overweight charges.

How long do I need the dumpster?

Will you be tackling the construction project on a daily basis, or trying to hammer it out only on weekends? Knowing your timeline will help you determine how long you’re going to need your construction dumpster rental. Western Elite typically offers a seven-day rental for a dumpster, but we can lengthen that period for an additional fee.

What do I do with recyclables?

Did you know that Western Elite sifts through discarded materials for recyclables? We do our best to separate trash from recyclable materials in an effort to reduce what we send to the landfill. We’re one of the biggest recyclers in Nevada, and we rely on our nearly 400,000-square-foot facility to help us recover recyclable materials.

If you’re only disposing of recyclable materials, such as metal or cardboard, you can rent large, roll-off recycling dumpsters from Western Elite for your construction site.

What do I do with hazardous waste?

Western Elite does not accept hazardous waste materials, including cleaning supplies, car parts, and batteries. If you add those items to your dumpster, you risk contaminating the whole load, making it ineligible for recycling. Additionally, we cannot accept any food or liquid waste in our dumpsters. 

If you need to throw away any hazardous materials, make other arrangements for disposal. You can see our list of prohibited items HERE.

If you have any other questions about roll-off construction dumpster rentals in Nevada, contact Western Elite today.