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C&D waste refers to construction and development waste that occurs when there’s a new construction project happening. Some of these materials are byproducts of building something new. The large bulk of the materials, however, come from demolition and clearing out old structures.

The challenge here is that C&D waste has a huge variety of things under its umbrella. Anything from pavement to carpeting to tiles are included. In fact, it even includes pipes, drywall, and, you guessed it, the kitchen sink. So when we recycle C&D materials, what actually happens for them?

Benefits of Recycling C&D Materials

  • Lower disposal costs
  • Less carbon emissions
  • Preserves resources

Give Materials a Second Life

Much of the time, manufacturers of construction materials offer a buy-back program for old materials, as they can use it to produce new ones. However, sometimes these bits and pieces are turned into something entirely new. Here are some of the things that we do with old construction materials.

  • Bricks and blocks: Whole bricks can be collected for use in another project. If they’re all broken up, they can still be used as surfacing in sports arenas, for gravel in landscaping and paving projects, and to make new bricks.
  • Wood: Wood leavings can be chipped, and then used for chipboard, landscaping projects, or even for a base in playgrounds.
    Plasterboard and gypsum: Plasterboard can be reprocessed into new plasterboard pretty easily, much of the time. It can also be used for moldings while installing bathroom fixtures, or even to condition soil.
  • Plastic: Recycled plastic can be used for many things, including outdoor furniture and landscaping projects. Sometimes, it’s also used for insulation and flooring.
  • Metal: Metal is also a really useful recycling material. Scrap metal can be melted down and transformed into something completely new.

Here at Western Elite, we’re dedicated to enabling sustainable and convenient solutions to help in your construction or remodel project. We provide the resources necessary to keep your worksite clean, and to get the most out of all C&D materials.

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