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The Arm of the Federal Government

In December of 1970, President Richard Nixon — following the lead of predecessors like Theodore Roosevelt, who established the national parks in order to celebrate and protect America’s most incredible natural landmarks — created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This action was to take a definitive stand against the rising concerns of the day, like the rising pollution levels in the country’s air and water, as well as the wanton disregard for parks, forests, and oceans by litterers and loiterers. Problems like this had yet to be addressed by many private organizations like Western Elite, armed as it is with tools like its Henderson collection center.

Presenting his plan to the county’s legislative representatives, Nixon outlined 37 ways the EPA could raise the standard of care for the nation’s natural environment. Today, the organization has many responsibilities that it carries out independently as well as jointly with the states. These include:

  • Establishing laws and regulations regarding the protection of natural resources
  • Conducting scientific research on pollutants
  • Working with the states to monitor the flora and fauna located on state and federal lands
  • Process budgetary and training requirements for various state-run agencies

All-in-all, the EPA is the federal government’s declaration that the United States cares about the environment and that it will hold people and corporations accountable for their actions. Likewise, it will help those entities succeed in any way it can.

A Better Way for Nevada

Seeing the need for this type of dedication at the community level, Western Elite has taken a similar stand against the degradation of Nevada’s environment. By leveraging all the resources it has, Western Elite strives to provide its customers — people and corporations alike — not only with the state’s best waste dumpster rental but to give them ways to improve their neighborhoods.

To do this, we have identified a number of ways Western Elite can take action as a force for good within the community:

  • By making garbage dumpster rentals an overall more pleasant experience
  • By providing financial assistance to various youth organizations across Lincoln County
  • By spreading the spirit of service and gratitude with annual community events

It is our hope that each of these steps will serve to enrich our neighborhoods with a sense of unity and help every individual to know that when it comes to making a difference for our environment, they have an ally in Western Elite.

Waste Dumpster Rental

As a waste management company, dumpster rentals are the bedrock of our services, the foundation upon which we’re built. We aren’t kidding ourselves into thinking that we’re the only game in town, however. We appreciate that when it comes to securing a dumpster for a period of time, there are a few places you could go. 

That said, we are striving to be the best.

How? By being more convenient to work with and by taking pains to avoid dumping everything into a landfill. If there’s a way we can recycle more, or otherwise reduce how much goes into the ground, we will do it — even if that means sifting through 100% of the waste that we pick up for reusable materials.

By securing your garbage dumpster rental from Western Elite, we promise:

  • A simple, two-minute rental process
  • Delivery within four hours
  • Same day service
  • Clean equipment every time

As a locally-owned business, we take a personal interest in ensuring our neighbors have the tools they need to beautify their homes or construction sites.

The Lincoln County Youth Fund

We care about our kids; we want them to have every opportunity to succeed. We also value their appreciation of the environment. For years, Western Elite has given grants to various youth organizations in Nevada that are dedicated to the protection and growth of the rising generation. 

We accomplish this through our Lincoln County Youth Fund, under which we have been able to provide thousands of youth opportunities to learn and travel. Over the years, we have worked closely with:

  • The Boy Scouts of America
  • Rodeo clubs
  • Local schools
  • Community theatres

We have also provided scholarships to hundreds of applicants. It’s the youth fund that helps Western Elite be more than a simple waste management company.

The Christmas Express

At the core, we are a family company. Locally owned and operated, Western Elite wants to make our neighborhoods better places to live. Each December we spend a few days saying thank you for the year we’ve had, all while looking forward to the year ahead. 

As the sun goes down, our invited guests are whisked away aboard The Christmas Express on a magical adventure, filled with fun characters, delicious food, and wondrous locales. You can find instructions for getting on the reservation list here

Together, we can do our part to honor the mission of the EPA while also expanding upon it. Hopefully, these efforts have done their part to raise the standard of education, environmentalism, and community in Nevada. Learn more about our company by visiting our website today.