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Are you taking advantage of the real estate market and putting your house up for sale? Now is a great time for homeowners to capitalize on equity in their homes. But, if the thought of physically moving is overwhelming, we have some tips for making the job more manageable.

It never seems like you have a lot of stuff until you find yourself packing boxes to move. Suddenly, you realize how full each nook and cranny of your house is. As experts in waste management, Western Elite offers the following suggestions for a smooth move.

Conquer Clutter

Western Elite sorts through all dumpster rentals for recyclable vs waste material. Before you move, consider doing the same in your home. Look through all your kitchen cupboards, bedroom closets, and that forgotten shelf in the garage for anything you no longer need.

  • Throw away expired food
  • Donate food you won’t eat before you move
  • Pare down countertop kitchen appliances
  • Safely discard or consolidate cleaning products
  • Upcycle or donate superfluous linens 
  • Purge your closet of items you never wear
  • Sell or donate furniture that isn’t right for your new home
  • Digitize paperwork and shred hard copies
  • Recycle or donate unused or outdated electronics

Going through everything you’ve accumulated can be daunting, but it will be worth it to reduce the time and money you’ll spend moving that clutter to your next place.

Sell, Donate, Keep

If you’re not sure how to start sorting through everything you own, stick to a tried and true method- physically place items in “sell,” “donate,” and “keep” piles. Whether it’s throughout your house or on the lawn, seeing everything laid out can help reinforce your decisions. Look at your sell pile as extra money in your pocket. Look at your donate pile as a way to keep items out of a landfill and to potentially help your community with useful items you no longer need. 

When you look at your keep pile and see it growing, you may have second thoughts about what’s truly worth hauling to the new place. You might also realize what’s broken or no longer serving you, and find that it’s time to toss it in your dumpster rental before the big move.


If you do rent a dumpster for your move around or out of Henderson or Las Vegas, remember that some household items should not be dumped. We have a list compiled HERE on our blog so you don’t get carried away and toss recyclables or harmful waste into your rental. You don’t have to take it with you, but you also shouldn’t send it to the landfill.

Start Sooner Than You Think

The market is hot right now, so chances are you’ll sell your home in a weekend. Do yourself a favor and start packing seasonal items now, leaving out only what you need for the next month or so before you close.

Have a “go-bag” for everyone in your family, including the pets. Keep essential items handy while packing up anything you won’t need immediate access to for a few weeks.

Label Everything

As tempting as it is to overturn drawers directly into a moving box and call it good, you’re going to regret that packing tactic on the other end. If you’re recruiting friends or professional movers, make it easier on them and you by labeling each box.

Make sure the contents are noted on the outside of your boxes, and which room they should be taken to in your new home. This way, no matter who is helping haul boxes from the truck to the house, they’ll know where to set things down so unpacking goes more smoothly for you.

Recycle Your Moving Materials

You went to greath lengths to responsibly sort through your belongings prior to moving. Now that you’re settled, make sure you properly recycle your moving and packing materials.


Chances are you can unload all your moving boxes onto someone else. Post them for free on a community classifieds ad or neighborhood Facebook group and they’ll be picked up off your driveway in no time. Or, you can break them down and routinely add a few to your curbside recycling bin until they’re all gone. 

Packing Paper and Peanuts

If you wrapped or padded your belongings with paper or peanuts, don’t dump these materials in the trash upon arrival. White and brown paper, as well as newsprint, can be recycled curbside. Depending on the type of packing peanuts you used, they may be biodegradable. If you place one in a cup of water and it dissolves, it’s biodegradable. This means you can dissolve and dispose of them at home, or add a few handfuls to your compost. If the peanuts don’t dissolve in water, you can look for a recycling service in your area to safely dispose of them.

It’s normal for moving to be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a completely overwhelming experience. If we can help you sort out a dumpster rental in the greater Henderson and Las Vegas areas, give us a call today. We guarantee delivery within a 4-hour window because we know your time is valuable.