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Staying at Home, Keeping it Clean

For several months now, doing your part to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 has meant sticking closer to home—and while that may have been appealing to the homebody in you for about the first week, you find yourself going a little more stir-crazy with every passing day. Whether you’re working from home and spending virtually all of your time there at the moment—or you’re an essential worker who understandably has even less time to clean than usual—you’ve probably noticed a spike in overall messiness at your home base, which is even less conducive to wanting to spend more time there.

We at Western Elite understand that the cleanliness of your living space is critical to your overall health and well-being: and while you might not be able to hit the Vegas strip at the moment to clear your head, you can definitely try a few of these organizational and cleanliness tips to keep your home as tidy, efficient, and inviting as possible. 

Loading Screen Clean

If you’re handling the pandemic lockdown like the majority of Americans working from home, you’re probably on your computer—either working or diverting yourself with some video games—a whole lot more than usual. Anytime you’re asked to wait for a program to load, get up, stretch, and clear your workspace of any trash or discarded food items; this is especially important if you’ve been letting used dishes and takeout items build-up for a while. Remember to sort out any leftover food into your “green” waste container: food items should wind up dissolving into helpful compost, and not as harmful methane gas at the local landfill. If you’re a more organized type without much to clear during your “loading screen” breaks, then keep some handy, non-toxic cleaning solutions available to wipe down your keyboard, desk, and phone screens. The cleaner you are, the safe you are during a pandemic.

All in One Basket

Any level of organization is possible when you think outside of the box and use it instead: keep an empty cardboard box, laundry basket, or plastic tote with you while you’re working. On bathroom breaks, walk around your space with it in hand, grabbing any misplaced items as you see while you’re making your rounds. No need to put everything away right at the moment, since you can save that until the end of the workday; however, cultivating this habit will help you realize that putting away everything in its proper place the first time will save you from extra work later. As you begin to organize more efficiently and find yourself gathering less misplaced items, keep making the rounds with your box—but instead of picking up items that are out of place, start picking out items from each room for donation or trash removal. You’ll find yourself organized and decluttered in no time. 

A Bigger, Badder Roll-Off Rental

Over the course of the pandemic, it might be time for you to kick a bigger item—like worn-out cabinets or build-up landscaping debris—to the curb. Whether you’re remembering the last time your perennially unwashed nieces and nephews slept over with a shudder, or it’s just time for a furniture shake-up in the old pad to get with the times, you might have several large items in mind: keep things simple, efficient, affordable, and safe with a roll-off dumpster rental from Western Elite. We know how to keep trash pickup “green” with timely, scheduled pickups and drop-offs that keep our communities clean, while also remaining one of the biggest recyclers in all of Nevada. With a little extra work and elbow grease—and a little help from Western Elite—you can make your living space as comfortable and energizing as possible during the lockdown.