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There are ways that you can reduce your environmental footprint and make a better impact on the world, ways that you wouldn’t think about initially. There’s actually a lot more ways you can help the environment than you’d originally think, you can do a lot more than just recycling your discarded soda cans and eating local, organic produce. In fact, you wouldn’t expect it, but you can actually replace your roof with a more sustainable, environmentally friendly roofing option.


Eco-friendly metal roofs


There’s no need to waste the roof you already have, but when it’s time to repair or replace your roofing, you should explore your options and figure out what’s going to be the best option for both you and the environment. A metal roof is a great eco-friendly roofing option. Most metal roofs are made from some sort of combination of tin, steel, copper, and aluminum. You can easily purchase a roof made from recycled metals. A metal roof will last about 50 years, making it a great option. When that metal roof is ready to be replaced, you can recycle all of the materials in your metal roof, making this a fabulous option for both you AND the environment.


Living roofs


Unfortunately, a living or “green” roof, isn’t always an option, depending on your location and the type of building you live in. A living roof is made of a material that absorbs water and provides a home for wildlife. You can even add a garden to this material, so your roof will be covered in lush plants that are impacting the environment in a beneficial and positive way. A waterproof layer will be laid down first, to protect your home from the elements. Soil is generally placed on top of that layer. Some people choose to place sod on top of the waterproof layer. This roofing option is very efficient at insulating, and it reduces storm runoff.


Sustainable wood shingles


Wood shingles are a beautiful roofing option, and there are sustainable cedar roofing options available. Cedar is resistant to insects, which is why many people use cedar in their gardening mulch. When it’s time to replace your cedar shingled roof, you can recycle this cedar into mulch, making this a wonderful sustainable roofing option.