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At Western Elite, we aim to make recycling easier, so you can do your part to stay green with our help. We pride ourselves on being one of the biggest recyclers in the state of Nevada. We believe that waste removal shouldn’t be done irresponsibly, and as such, we do our part to make sure that waste materials are handled as they should be. How and why do we do this?

Recycling Solutions that Work. Period.

Recycling may come easily within your singular household, but when a project or property requires handling more than the typical amount of weekly waste and recyclables, you have to find creative solutions. Thankfully, Western Elite is prepared with solutions, whether they’re needed at a property, construction site, or commercial location. By focusing on ways to create simpler ways for sustainable living, we’re able to use our resources for the better. 

Each of our roll on roll off dumpsters are a convenient way to make recycling happen, even if you’re not able always able to properly separate materials. We’ve found that our dumpsters are an impactful way to ensure a future for the generations that will come after us. Although you can see a full list of items that can and cannot be recycled by Western Elite here, common materials such as paper, plastic, and aluminum are all able to be separated and recycled at our recycling facilities.

Why Should You Recycle or Choose to Work with Western Elite?

Waste in a continuous and global problem. With landfills continuing to be filled with waste, much of which includes materials that could have been recycled and repurposed. Whether you’re working to create a large scale recycling program, or simply want to know that the materials you place in a dumpster are given a second chance whenever possible, working with Western Elite ensures this is possible. By owning our own recycling facility, we don’t leave anything up to chance. It’s through us that the waste from every dumpster begins processing and repurposing. By entrusting us to help you create greater sustainability, you help us to continue reducing the amount of overall waste that leaves our facility for the landfill.

Quick. Simple. Reliable.

No matter where you need a recycling solution, Western Elite has you covered. If your front-loading recycle container isn’t large enough for your needs, it’s time to order something larger. Whether you’re scheduling regular drop-offs and pickups, or only need a dumpster for a day, our guaranteed 4-hour delivery time makes it simple to get your rental right when you’d like. Throughout Nevada, when you’re looking to go green, you should trust in the blue.