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Western Elite is one of the biggest recyclers in Nevada, with 100% of the waste we collect going to our 393,000 square-foot site for processing. This site includes a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), which removes recyclable material from all collected waste. This recyclable material is then sold back to the commodities market to help it fill a need once again. Ultimately this serves to maximize your recycling efforts and significantly reduce the volume of waste that is being sent to a landfill.

We now have not one, but two local MRF locations for providing better recycling services to our community:

Our Nellis location in the northeastern portion of Las Vegas is easily accessible and is located within minutes of both I-15 and Nellis Air Force Base. Our Wynn location, meanwhile, serves the southern Las Vegas region and is conveniently situated where Spring Valley and Paradise meet—also within minutes of I-15.

Tired of waiting in long lines at the dump? Having easy access to one of our two MRF locations means that you can save both time and money when disposing of your waste. Plus, with Western Elite, keeping the planet green has never been easier. A visit to one of our locations will be a safe and seamless in-and-out experience, and you can avoid a trip to the landfill. So whether you are landscaper who hauls their own waste, a contractor clearing a site, a project manager, or just a homeowner with a lot of waste material to dispose of, Western Elite has the perfect waste disposal solution for you.

Below you will find the address and hours for each of our MRF locations.

Nellis Location:
4975 Alto Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89115
Mon–Sat: 5am–5pm
Sun: Closed

Wynn Location:
4610 Wynn Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Mon–Fri: 6am–5pm
Sat: 6am–2pm
Sun: Closed