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Nevada Garbage Disposal Service

The Best Way to Dispose of Your Garbage.

For years, Western Elite has been providing customers with leading trash pickup services in Nevada.  Whether you have a large remodeling project planned or a pile of yard waste in the back, we are here to help.  No need to hurt your back or damage your home, we will come to you and take care of your trash.  Just say the word and we will gather your waste from wherever its located and finish by tidying up the area, recycling whatever we can.  Our drivers are trusted and friendly, happy to drive away with your burden, hauling it off to the landfill.  Look to Western Elite for all your dumpster rental and garbage disposal needs.

Let us help you remove:Roll-off dumpster on truck

  • Furniture 
  • Appliances
  • Hot Tubs
  • Trash
  • E-Waste 
  • Construction Waste
  • Shingles or siding panels
  • Yard Waste

In short, we will take care of anything from household trash to organic waste to garbage. Western Elite is Nevada’s premier garbage disposal company.

Environmentally Conscious

Though large amounts of garbage and waste find their home in the landfill, there are more environmentally-friendly methods of disposal that we use.  Here at Western Elite, we pride ourselves on being one of Nevada’s most prolific recyclers. Working together, we can leave a better mark on the environment while also tidying up your space. Call Western Elite for a quote today.

Why Choose Western Elite?

Western Elite, as a locally-owned and operated business, offers the best garbage service in Nevada to its Las Vegas residents. More importantly, we’re here to offer the foremost in dependability and safety. Let our specialists help you haul out your large items—-like your furniture and appliances—finish your cleanouts, and remove all kinds of junk and trash from your properties. Renovating a home or cleaning out a new real estate property is cumbersome and taxing enough—we at Western Elite are passionate about keeping you safe, and your properties pristine. Contact us today for a quote, and trust in our 4-Hour delivery window.