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Have you heard of the term “green waste”? When we talk about “green” waste, we’re not talking about typical biodegradable items you toss in the trash or recycling, we’re talking about the waste produced during yard work or land plot cleanups. With green waste, there’s really no need for gallon trash bags and traditional trash sorting. In fact, most homeowners are already familiar with keeping their yard waste separated into a designated yard waste garbage bins that go directly to recycling centers each week. Even if you’re familiar with this, you might be thinking, why do I have to even recycle my yard waste? Isn’t it all biodegradable material anyway?

Here’s the catch when it comes to green waste. Often times, these items still need to be recycled, simply because there isn’t enough space in landfills for all that green waste. Furthermore, once that green waste is properly recycled, it can be turned into useful objects, like composting and mulch materials that you can later use in your very backyard. And yes, maybe your typical sized yard waste bin is enough to fit the weekly grass clippings and garden waste. But what if the yard project at hand is considerably bigger?

Green Waste Bags and Your Personal Vehicle

Ideal for a hefty amount of leaves, grass clippings, small twigs, and bush remnants, green or yard waste bags are a great reusable option for hauling and disposal. Although yard waste bags may come in a variety of sizes, they’re meant for weekly and monthly cleanups. They’re a great option for smaller projects, or for those looking to keep certain wastes to use later for mulch or composting, but they’re not meant for bigger green waste items. If your cleanup project requires you to pick up larger amounts of debris, like tree limbs or whole bushes, it’s time to think bigger!

A Dumpster for Your Green Waste

Sometimes it’s just not convenient enough to use small bins, yard waste bags, or to haul large amounts of green waste to the dump on your own. Like any other large trash situation, this would be the ideal time to rent from Western Elite. If the project at hand calls for a considerable amount of yard waste, save time and energy by renting a 15-yard dumpster. Of course, this might seem like overkill for a simple garden cleanup, but a dumpster delivered to your resident or project site is perfect for those cases where heavy bushes, downed trees, and the like are part of the cleanup. Consider how much weight one single bush or tree might have? If you question whether or not your vehicle can haul that weight, it’s time to rent a dumpster instead. Our team can help you find a dumpster that can bear the weight you aim to throw its way.

We Take Care of the Recycling

With Western Elite, you can feel comfortable that all the green waste you’re working so hard to recycle actually makes it to a recycling facility. How can we make sure this happens? Well, we own our own recycling facility. At Western Elite, we like to make sure recycling is done right, so much so that we’ve put that responsibility on ourselves, No matter if it’s a plastic bottle or leaves, we’ll make sure materials have a higher chance at a second life.