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An inevitable and unavoidable part of your daily life, is trash. Everyone has trash. Something a lot of people don’t think about or put much thought into, is what the correct way to dispose of your trash is. You just throw it into your bin, right? Well, yes and no. Most ordinary trash can be put in your residential trash and recycling cans without any issues. But when it comes to unordinary trash, there are specific ways you should dispose of it to remain safe, and avoid fees for improper disposal of your trash.



You’ve probably seen old mattresses stacked near a dumpster at your apartment complex before. But is that the correct way to get rid of your old mattress? There are actually three safe ways to dispose of your old mattress. 1) check your city’s bulk collection schedule, and find a time and place for curbside bulk collection. 2) Donate it(if there’s nothing wrong with it). 3) Mattress recycling service. Mattresses aren’t necessarily extra harmful, but they usually can’t be picked up with the rest of your trash because they take up too much landfill space.




When it comes to an old refrigerator, you have three disposal options! 1) check with your city for bulk curbside collection! If your fridge has been properly drained, it can often be placed in a dumpster rental. 2) Donate it. 3) Contact your power company and see if they have a trade in program.


Construction debris


The best way to get rid of construction waste, such as lumber, drywall, and concrete, is in a rental roll off dumpster. This is mostly for convenience sake, as most of these items can be placed in your regular dumpster, but can’t just be left on the curbside. If it won’t fit in your personal dumpster bin, then rent a dumpster to make disposal easier.


Electronic waste


All of your e-waste should be taken to an e-waste recycling center. You can sometimes drop them off at electronic stores if they offer recycling. What qualifies as e-waste? Old laptops, desktops, old phones, tablets, televisions, etc. Any sort of electronics need to be disposed of/recycled properly. These electronics contain harmful chemicals and have to be recycled separately.




You can usually recycle your tires at a local auto shop. You can also check with your city’s local bulk curbside collection event, and see if they will accept tires! Tires are banned from landfills, and therefore can’t be disposed of with your regular trash.