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Whether you already live a green lifestyle, or you’re new to the idea and are unsure of how to get started, there are always ways to improve the way you live and the impact you have on the Earth. One issue a lot of people have with the idea of living a sustainable, eco-friendly life, is that they think it’s going to be expensive. It’s true, green living can sometimes be pricey. But just because it can be pricey, doesn’t mean it has to be pricey.

Buy less


This may seem like an impossible tip. We live in a consumer culture. When we want something, we just buy it. A lot of this is subconscious. When making the transition to green living, it’s natural to want to blow your savings on all of the latest power saving gadgets. This is, quite honestly, where most of the idea that living a green lifestyle is expensive comes from. There are expensive items that are sustainable, yes, but the same is true of any lifestyle.


When it comes time to buy something that is generally an expensive purchase, hold out until you can afford one that’s of really high quality. When you buy something that isn’t as well made, because it’s less expensive, it’s going to break sooner and need replaced. It can be hard to feel good about making such a big ticket purchase, but rest assured that you won’t need to spend as much in the long run as it will be much longer before it needs to be replaced.


Buy used


When you’re in the market for things such as furniture or clothing, check out the flea market or a thrift shop first. By shopping second hand, you do have to be more patient as it can take longer to find what you need. But your patience will pay off. You’ll end up spending significantly less when you buy products that have been pre-loved, which makes the time it takes shopping around worth it. In addition to that, you’ll also rest assured that you’re supporting local business and not pouring your money into businesses that are destructive to the local economy. Buying second hand also gives you the opportunity to find really unique items that are well made. When you buy from thrift stores, you have a chance to see how an item will wear out. Instead of buying a new shirt that stretches out and pills after just two washes.