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You would be surprised by all of the toxic products that most households use on a daily basis. Using toxic things, such as harmful and harsh chemicals, is something that’s become common practice and many people do without realizing the impact that it has. There are countless ways that you can easily make your home more sustainable and eco-friendly, but many people just don’t realize how easy it is to make these change. Many people think that in order to be “green”, they’ll have to completely change their lifestyle and give up some of their favorite or most convenient things, and that’s simply just not true. Creating a greener home by cleaning greener, is a lot easier than a lot of people think. You can make a huge impact to both your home and the environment by just making a few simple changes.

Natural cleaners


The first step to cleaning green, is to get rid of all of the harmful chemicals you use to clean your home. This especially important if you have young children. It would be devastating if your young child, just learning to crawl, got into something toxic and got harmed in any way. Using chemical-free cleaners not only protects your home, but it also protects the environment. You can easily, and inexpensively, create your own green cleaners at home. White vinegar mixed with water is a cheap, and easy way to clean. You can use this mixture to mop floors, disinfect your bathroom sink, and scrub down your toilet, among countless other options. If your bathroom drain is clogged, use white vinegar and baking soda to break up whatever is clogging the drain. Baking soda and fine steel wool can be used to remove the dirt and buildup from grout and anywhere else that nasty debris tends to accumulate.


Get rid of your sponges


How long have you been using the same sponge to wash your dishes? Probably a lot longer than you’d like to admit. Having a green home is just as much about taking care of your health as it is protecting the environment. Sponges hold onto a lot of bacteria. This means that the chances are high that you’re just spreading bacteria all over your counters when you wash them with a sponge, rather than actually cleaning them like you intended. Throw out your sponges, and replace them with dishcloths. Dishcloths are washed regularly, removing the bacteria from them and making them a safer alternative for everyday use.