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Preparing for a major home remodel? There are a variety of ways that you can simplify the process and avoid headache, especially when you are about to take on a large portion of the work yourself. Here are some tips for preparing for a remodel in your home.

Choose your remodelers wisely.

Whom you hire for your remodeling work is going to have a major impact on how pain-free the process is. When shopping around for contractors, take a visit to their current job sites if you can. How clean do they keep the site? Do they gather waste materials together in a dumpster and maintain a low-profile in the neighborhood? Or is it obvious from afar that a major home renovation is going on in the home?

Study the contract.

Be sure to study the contract your remodeled hands you before signing. Make sure it has an explicit address, start date, and end date.In addition, make sure it includes a detailed list of what will and will not be done.

Create your living plan.

Where are you going to live during the remodel? If it’s a major kitchen remodel, for example, you may need to plan to stay with friends or family—or at a hotel—while work is underway. Alternatively, you might create a mini “kitchen” elsewhere in your home with a microwave, toaster oven, and mini fridge.

Put away your valuables.

A home remodel can affect the entire home. For this reason, it’s a good idea to remove any artwork from your walls and move anything fragile to a safe place before work begins. For things you can’t move—such as hardware flooring, cabinets, or a chandelier—take measures to protect them. You might lay cardboard down on a hardwood floor or wrap a chandelier to protect them from moving tools and debris.

Rent a dumpster.

If you’re doing much of the remodeling work yourself, renting a residential size dumpster can make easy work of disposing of large household materials. A 15 yard roll off container, for example, can accommodate any small- to mid-size residential project, be it tree trimming, remodeling, or light demolition. As an added bonus, it is only four feet tall, making for easy loading. Check out our blog post about different container types to see what type of dumpster might be most suitable for your project.