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The key to getting better at anything is to start small. If you want to up your recycling game, it can be overwhelming at first. So here are some of our recycling tips to make it easier.

How do you start small when it comes to recycling? Isn’t the phrase “Go big or go home”? When it comes to recycling, there is a lot to know. So take it in gradual steps to get your household familiar with this new process of waste disposal and recycling.

How to Start Recycling

Get a handle on where items are recycled in your city. For Las Vegas recycling, look up your specific city’s website for curbside recycling options. If that’s not available, see where you can take your accumulated items. Knowing how to recycle is one of the first steps. Once you are familiar with the pickup or drop off processes in your area, you’re ready for the next step.

What Can Be Recycled in Las Vegas

Look up what items are recyclable in your city. Did you know that if something is mixed in with your recyclables that aren’t eligible for recycling, it usually just ends up in the Las Vegas landfill anyway? That’s why it’s important to sort! Typically, items can easily be sorted into categories:

Cardboard/paper – This includes books, junk mail, magazines, copy paper and colored paper. When recycling cardboard, make sure it’s free from food residue.

Plastic – You’ve probably noticed that most plastics have a little recycle symbol on them, accompanied by a number. Numbers one through seven are most commonly accepted at recycling centers nationwide. Avoid recycling plastic utensils and bags (such as grocery sacks) as they are not accepted at curbside or drop-off recycling centers. Flimsy plastic bags, bubble wrap, and the like clog up the machines that recycle other plastics, so they cannot be added into your bin. However, many big box stores have specific collections for bags so you can bring them with you on your next trip.

Aluminum – You can recycle aluminum cans, either fully intact or crushed. As with cardboard, be sure the items are clean and free of food.

Glass – Almost all glass containers can be recycled as long as they’re clean and whole. Shards of glass should not be included in your recycling.

Electronics – Avoid sending your used up tech to the Las Vegas landfill. You can call electronics stores, or even some big box stores, and recycle your items there. 

Appliances – You may already know that many appliances should not be dumped at a landfill. When it comes to old refrigerators and freezers, there’s harmful insulation used that is very damaging to the environment. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency has a program for responsibly recycling these items.

Construction waste – If you work in the construction business, or are a DIY remodeler, Western Elite can help you sort and recycle your construction waste. When you make a dumpster reservation, let us know what type of materials you’ll be disposing of, and we can help you make the right choice. We offer waste container rentals as well as dumpster rentals for recycling.

Keep in mind that how you sort your recyclables matters. If you’re bagging everything and taking it to a recycling center or leaving it for curbside pickup, your items should probably be removed from the bags before they’re turned in. Some recycling centers aren’t allowed to open plastic bags that recyclables are collected in, so everything ends up in the regular trash even after your efforts.

More Ways to Go Green

Consider other forms of recycling for your household, such as food and water waste. Have you ever thought of this aspect of conservation? If you have space, you can compost in your home or backyard. Additionally, before dumping used water down the drain (such as when cooking, think of a way it can be reused. We’re not talking about drinking it yourself; offer that grey water to your plants! 

Purchase recycled or upcycled products. This is another way to get started with recycling, and it not only has a positive impact on the environment but your wallet as well. Before buying brand new, check out Las Vegas online classifieds, or shop at thrift stores. You’d be surprised what you can find used, and you’ll feel great about reducing your carbon footprint. In turn, when it comes time to spring clean your own home, look for ways you can locally pass on your gently used items, whether for free or a bit of extra cash.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways you can begin your recycling journey. All you have to do is start with one, and go from there! Once you’re comfortable with the new habit you’ve established, then it’s time to move on to another aspect of going green.