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No matter how sustainably we all think we live, if you take a few minutes to look back at your daily life and the products you use, you would probably be surprised at the amount of waste we each amass. This is okay, we are all in different stages of learning to be more sustainable, and any effort is good! One area that so many of us are trying to work on, is eliminating single use plastic. To go containers, plastic straws, ziploc bags, and the like. So many of these items are integrated into every aspect of our daily lives, so how do you eliminate these single use plastics?

Glass/metal/bamboo straws


Not everyone is able to use reusable straws, often due to disability, but if you are able, carrying a reusable straw with you will make your life a lot easier and reduce single use plastic on a daily basis! With so many different kinds of straws, and in so many different sizes, there is truly a straw out there for everyone. You can order them on amazon, even, so they are inexpensive and easy to access.


Food storage alternatives


How many of us use plastic wrap and ziploc bags every single day to store and transport food? These are items that are hard to integrate out of our lives, because of their convenience. Luckily, multi-use alternatives not only exist, but will save you money! If you don’t have to buy a pack of ziploc bags every week at the grocery store, and a new roll of plastic film once a month, you’ll notice a gradual savings. A few great alternatives are Stasher bags(reusable storage bags) and Beeswrap(a plastic wrap alternative that is made out of beeswax). 


Invest in canvas bags


Some states have started to implement rules to charge you for every plastic bag that you have to use at a grocery store. While this isn’t currently nationwide, it is a sign that it’s a good time to phase out our use for plastic grocery bags. Canvas bags are inexpensive, and can be used for just about everything, not just your weekly trip to the grocery store. Need to carry things to the pool? Canvas bag. Going to the library? Canvas bag. Need a tote to carry snacks and a book onto the plane? Canvas bag. You get the idea. 


Reusable produce bags


Along the same lines of canvas bags, did you know that you can get reusable produce bags? They’re easy to use, washable, and make storing your produce easier. A lot of people will put their produce straight into their cart to avoid using plastic bags, but this can raise a sanitation issue. A set of reusable mesh produce bags will only set you back a few dollars, but will cut down on your plastic usage considerably!