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Are you preparing for a move? If you are, we recommend that you think about renting a dumpster during the packing process, and we can give you 5 solid reasons why…

1: You’ve got more junk than you think

In our commodity-driven culture, we accumulate more than we’d like, although we seldom notice this fact until moving day comes along. All of a sudden you realize your home is filled with things you simply don’t need or want to take with you when you move. It’s not worth taking with you, and multiple trips to the dump are going to put a kink in your plans.

2: Going minimal is good for the brain, and the pocketbook

There’s a reason that the minimalism movement is gaining so much steam: it’s because cutting back on all the junk in our lives really does have an immediate positive impact on our wellbeing. Not only does owning a lot of “stuff” take a surprising toll on our mental wellbeing, but it can also add up to be expensive… especially during a move!

3: Leaving things behind can lead to repercussions

Whether you’ve been renting your home, or you owned it, leaving items behind is a bad-neighbor move, and in the case of renting, it could take a chunk out of your security deposit. Often, landlords are forced to do a junk-out themselves, and they’ll make sure that they’re not the ones eating that cost.

4: Dumpster rentals are more cost-effective than junk removal services

Junk removal services can be very useful for a small handful of items. However, they can also be pricey, and they get more and more pricey the more things you have. Depending on the service, they might charge not just according to how many trips they take, but the individual items that fill up their truck bed. Look closely at your quote before you opt for junk removal services over a dumpster rental.

5: We make it amazingly simple

Many people hesitate to reach out for a dumpster rental, believing that it will be expensive and inconvenient. However, we’re one of the best dumpster rental companies in the greater Vegas area, and we’ve refined our dumpster rental services down to a fine art. You won’t have to worry about disposal, or transporting the dumpster. Simply pay the rental fee, and we’ll bring the appropriately sized dumpster to your door, and pick it up when you’re finished.

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