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Now that the summer season is upon us, lots of people are getting their hands dirty with some yard work. If you can avoid the hottest part of the day, it’s a great time to knock out a yard project that will make your outdoor space a nicer place to be.

However, along with yard work comes a lot of green waste. In fact, if you’re being really proactive in your yard, you might find yourself completely filling up your trash cans with grass clippings, dead branches, and fallen leaves.

Here are some different ways that you can deal with yard waste:

Compost Pile

Many people use yard waste to balance out their compost pile, which is a great way to recycle organic waste. See, in order to properly mix, compost must be an even mix of “brown” materials, which are carbon-rich, and “green” materials, which are nitrogen-rich. Green materials include food scraps, grass clippings, and even manure. Brown materials, on the other hand, are usually drier, fibrous materials like wood chips, straw, dead leaves, or newspapers. If you don’t compost at your home, you might have a neighbor who needs the materials–ask around!

Rent or Buy a Chipper/Shredder

Even if you compost your materials, you might need an extra step in processing green waste, and that’s where a chipper comes in. Giant tree shredders are available, but you can also get a personal unit, or rent one. This will transform branches and leaves, and any other green material, into sawdust that can easily be disposed of, or used for other purposes.

Take It to the Dump

In order to get the materials out of your yard, you might just load them in your truck bed and take them down to the dump. Some facilities charge by the truckload; others don’t mind people adding in green waste and the charges are low or nonexistent.

Rent a Disposal Bin

If you have a big yard project happening, it might be worthwhile for you to rent a bin. This can be more convenient than taking several trips to the dump, or waiting each week to be able to dispose another trash can full of organic materials. Look into our dumpster rentals, which are available in three different sizes, all available within 4 hours. Learn more here, or give us a call at (702) 550-0190.