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The Only Home We Get

It may seem trite to say but the truth is uncompromised: our planet is the only home we get. Even if we were to all board the big SpaceX rocket to Mars, the red planet isn’t some cosmic life raft onto which we can retreat when the going gets tough. We either make it work for us here on Earth, or we don’t.

A few months ago, we wrote about what it takes to create a cleaner community and how to better work with neighbors and organizations to see that we create a more sustainable future for the planet. This continues to be one of the most important messages we can raise at Western Elite. 

Why do we, a garbage dumpster rental company, care about the wider reach of environmentalism? The short answer is because what we do in Nevada is only one piece of a solution to a wider problem. And what is that wider problem? Well, that’s the long answer.

The Need for a Good Waste Dumpster Rental

The fact of the matter is that taking care of our environment is one of the reasons we got into the business of waste management in the first place. We saw what was happening in Nevada and how that added to the country’s (and the world’s) general trash troubles. The writing is on the wall:

  • Humans create nearly 5 trillion pounds of trash each year.
  • Landfills release enough greenhouse gases each year to equal over 20 million cars.
  • Almost 40% of all trash can be recycled; only 13.5% of recyclable trash is recycled.
  • Roughly one-third of all trash in the US is recycled.
  • Nearly 1 million people die each year from diseases caused by trash buildup.

We took a look at that figure about recycled trash — only one-third of all waste generated — and knew we could do better. Maybe, too, we could find even more ways to support our Nevadan neighbors.

Tips for the Fight

Besides employing the services of Western Elite for the best waste dumpster rental in Nevada, what else can we do to reduce our waste production? The average person in the United States generates 6 lbs of trash every day. We’ve come up with a few ways to help make your output more environmentally friendly.

Eat Your Greens

We don’t mean to sound like your mom growing up, but eating more plant-based products is not only healthy for our bodies but it’s healthy for our planet, too. Not only do plants make for great use in composting, but it produces a smaller carbon footprint than meat. 

Quit One-Use Plastics

We’ve all seen the video of the turtle having a straw removed from its nose. Footage like that is not only disturbing but it can be easily remedied if we focused more on reusable resources. In fact, investing in more biodegradable products all the way around is good for the animals and good for the earth. It means less permanent waste in landfills and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Don’t Trash, Donate

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure; the adage is well-worn but it’s true. Much of what we would normally throw away can be cleaned and deposited at collection centers that will turn around and sell it at fair prices. These establishments aren’t dumping yards for broken refuse beyond hope, but rather play an integral role in keeping Nevada clean and its people happy.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

At Western Elite, we believe in recycling. In fact, in places like our Henderson collection center, we sift through 100% of the trash that we collect for recyclable materials. This isn’t easy, but we feel that the alternative is much worse. You can help in this fight by doing your part at home and separating your waste into bins for recycling and bins for the trash. Not only will this help companies like us, but you will feel an unmistakable sense of pride in your community — the very same pride that we feel as Nevada natives.

If you’d like to learn more about how Western Elite tries to reduce our waste levels, you can learn all about what we do with the trash once it has been collected, here.