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Perhaps Smokey the Bear said it best with his environmental motto, “only you can prevent forest fires.” The message was simple, yet illuminating. There, in the woods outside town, or among the desert shrubbery, or even in the overgrown thickets behind your home, the only people who can control whether or not a fire starts or gets out of control are those who are out there with flammable products. The authorities can’t be everywhere at once, nor should they be — this world is ours to take care of and to enjoy, and the responsibility rests with every person to do their part to protect the plants and animals who have no other advocate but us.

As anyone who paid attention to the Australian bushfires of 2020 can attest, it doesn’t take much for a small fire to get out of control and suddenly put a whole country (not to mention billions of animal species) on the back foot. But how do we take those lessons and apply them to our own communities? When we live in a densely populated area, full of houses, cars, and business, what is the thing that “only we can prevent?”

Dumpster Rentals Save Cities

Just like the scout troop that lines up all in a row at the end of the camping trip and walks the campground scanning the ground in front of them for trash, we want to leave our communities “better than we found them.” Of course, that doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to live in our neighborhoods or homes — living is messy; living leaves behind garbage. But that’s exactly why Western Elite exists, in order to provide the best dumpster rental in Henderson, Nevada, and keep the “living” from piling up in backyards and in gutters.

Keeping our cities clean is all at once an individual and a communal responsibility. We must work together to treat our neighborhoods with respect, but the majority of that work will be done in very quiet, very unassuming ways. 

  • Tending one’s yard
  • Cleaning out the gutters
  • Unclogging drains
  • Picking up after pets
  • Grabbing wind-tossed trash
  • Adopting highways and bus stops
  • Painting over graffiti

In the end, communities are kept beautiful by everyone choosing to take up the burden wherever they are, and with whatever influence is theirs, whether that be on the civic, corporate, or personal level.

Lawful Good

It would be amazing if we lived in a utopian society where everyone took a personal interest in keeping our lawns, streets, and waterways clean, but even in a city with the best dumpster rental like Henderson, Nevada, it’s hard to get nearly 350,000 people to all care at once. That’s why the government helps give “a little push” by providing the incentive. These are the Litter Laws. 

Each state has its own form of penalty for littering, which you can learn about by visiting their own government website. For Nevada, the statute is clear: 

  • It is unlawful to deposit any sort of rubbish, debris, or dead animal on or within 1,000 feet of any highway or waterway.
  • Littering is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $1000, imprisonment up to six months, or both.
  • Second and third offenses within a two-year period qualify as a gross misdemeanor and carry a penalty of a $2000 fine, up to a year in prison, or both.

Naturally, this type of government oversight doesn’t end just with regulations against regular people but is levied against corporations who might pollute the land or businesses that must rent dumpsters for construction projects. Luckily, Western Elite is there for every type of client, with every type of clean-up project. If you are looking for a dumpster rental in order to do your part in cleaning up the town, Western Elite can help. Simply browse the available stock here