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In our last post, we talked about a few things that instead of throwing away, you can repurpose, recycle, or donate! Here are a few more of our suggestions of things you should avoid throwing away.



Most of us know to donate our old clothes to be worn another day. Goodwill is a great place for this. But what about the jankiest and oldest of clothes? Depending on the material, you can repurpose old clothes as cleaning rags. But everything else can be donated!




Take your old hangers to a local dry cleaner. Really. They can also be taken to good ol Goodwill or your favorite thrift store. 


Holiday decor


Are you tired of reading “take it to your local thrift store”? You can take basically EVERYTHING to your local thrift store, as long as it isn’t broken. You can also reach out to friends or post in online yard sales to see if anyone is in need of holiday decor! 


Plastic grocery bags


Using reusable grocery bags are going to be your best option for grocery shopping and beyond, It cuts out the need for a plastic grocery bag at all. However, we all forget to bring our bags from time to time, and you don’t need to beat yourself up over it. If you find yourself with a few plastic grocery bags, you can either reuse them as trash liners for your small trash cans(like in your bathroom!) or you can bring them back to the grocery store to recycle. Both target and walmart have a bin by the entrance for plastic bags to be recycled. 




If you want to avoid having to throw out toothbrushes, consider switching to bamboo toothbrushes instead! They are compostable, whereas plastic toothbrushes are not. But if you do have plastic toothbrushes to trash, Terracycle has a recycling program for them!


Bubble Mailers


If something is sent to you with a bubble mailer, you can save it and reuse it! You’ll just place your new label over the one already on it, and retape the bubble mailer closed. Yay for reusing something that would normally go in the trash, and ALSO for not having to pay for shipping materials when you need to ship something.