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There are a lot of different ways that you can recycle and reuse things that you may be currently throwing away. It may be extra effort to recycle and reuse the things you consider “trash”, but that extra effort is worth it. Not only will you be doing your part and having a positive impact on the environment, but recycling can also give you a sense of accomplishment and help you reduce cost in some areas of your life. One way to recycle and reuse that a lot of people don’t take advantage of, is composting. Composting is the process of reusing food waste, usually by way of turning food waste into soil.

Composting builds soil


Probably one of the biggest reasons that you should compost, is that we use a lot of soil. Composting plays a very important role in the creation of healthy soil. The US loses about 3 tons of topsoil every year, and at this rate, the US will be out of healthy topsoil to use in about 60 years. Composting your food waste may seem like it won’t make a difference, but every effort makes a difference.


Healthier plants


Compost makes incredibly rich soil. This is because composting fosters the growth of diverse life, and this will make your plants healthier. Healthy plants are less likely to suffer damage from pests and the environment.


Composting negates the need for pest control


Pesticides are generally regarded as unhealthy for the environment. Adding compost to your soil not only feeds the plants by giving them valuable nutrients, but it also creates stronger plants that are naturally resistant to pests. This means that you won’t need pesticides. Not only are pesticides not very healthy, but they are also expensive. By simply composting, you’ll save money.


It’s easy


The idea of composting can seem really intimidating. But it’s not really something you have to learn, and you can start doing it immediately. All you need is:

-A space to compost. This can be either inside or outside!

-Water. Your compost should be fairly moist, in order to cultivate the composting process.


-Carbon. Add a few brown things to your compost! Bark, leaves, and other dead plant matter.

-Nitrogen. This is the kitchen waste! Veggie scraps, coffee grounds, and egg shells are perfect things to compost.


Composting diverts your food waste from being in landfills


We all want to do our small part to keep extra waste out of landfills, right? It’s just better for our friend, Mother Nature. By composting, you’re contributing less waste to landfills.