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Plastic bottles have found a way to integrate themselves into almost every aspect of our lives. We’re not just talking about plastic drinking water bottles. Laundry detergent, bottles of honey, and your favorite bottle of shampoo are all sneaky ways that plastic makes its way into your home. They’re in our homes in abundance, so why not find a few fun ways to reuse them?

Reuse coffee creamer containers for snacks


After you’re done with your favorite coffee creamer, rip off the label, and rinse the bottle thoroughly. Once it’s dry, you can store snacks in them! You can also use them for dry goods such as coffee beans, salt, and sugar.


Start an herb garden


You don’t usually associate plastic bottles with gardening, but there’s a first time for everything! All you need to create a small herb garden is an empty 2-liter bottle. Poke drainage holes in the top third of the bottle, and then cut the bottle in half. Flip the top half over, and place in the bottom with a strip of fabric between them. And now you’re ready to fill your bottle with soil and herbs!


Beach bucket out of laundry detergent bottle


Those laundry detergent bottles are SO big, and therefore seem like they wouldn’t be useful for crafting purposes. Because when you think of crafts, you think of reusing your bottles as pencil holders or piggy banks. But you can cut the bottom off of a large laundry detergent bottle, and use the top half(the half with the handle) as a beach bucket! Perfect for scooping sand and making sand castles.


Make a trash can


Oh, the irony. This one is worth making just for that alone. You can use empty water bottles to make a trash can! This one requires a bit more work, but it’s worth the effort! You will need to poke a hole through the top of each plastic bottle, and thread a thin piece of steel wire through the bottles, until you have the desired size of trash can(you’ll loop it back together, so it will be cylindrical). Make the bottom of the can out of chicken wire to keep things from falling through, and to attach the row(s) of reused bottles to!