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We all love our Mother Earth, although we don’t always act like we do. Earth day was on April 22nd, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to remember all we have to gain by taking better care of the Earth that we live on. It’s a reminder to treat the Earth better, every single day of the year. Here are a few ways to continue to celebrate Earth Day for the rest of the year.

Ride a bike


You may think that just you driving a car doesn’t contribute much to the pollution, so you alone can’t make a difference. But that’s wrong. Every single person who chooses to live more sustainably, makes a significant difference, even if you can’t see it. Try riding your bike when you have to only travel short distances! Plus it’s great for your physical health! 


Grow a garden


Not only is a garden great for the environment, but you help cut down on CO2 emissions used to transport fresh produce. Growing and shipping fresh produce takes up a lot of energy, so growing your own garden, if that’s an option for you, is wonderful for the environment.


Support renewable energy


There are so many benefits to switching to renewable energy like the use of solar panels. Solar panel prices have dropped since they’ve become a more commonplace home purchase, which means that now is definitely the time to take advantage of that. By buying from renewable energy companies you’re not only supporting the environment, but you’re also supporting renewable and green energy as a whole and making it possible for it to succeed.