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We’ve been talking about easy ways to be more sustainable, here at Western Elite. It can be difficult to make the plunge into sustainability, because it seems like it is a difficult task! We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to change overnight, and many sustainable changes are a lot easier than you think. If you missed our last blog post on this topic, go and check it out here. If you’re already caught up, here are a few more of our favorite ways to be more sustainable!

Buy products made with recycled materials


A lot more products are made of recycled materials than you probably realize. This is as easy as just doing a little bit more research before making a purchase. There are some clothing companies that make their clothing from recycled water bottles. Other sustainable fashion options include thrift shopping or buying second hand. There are online thrift shops, like Thred Up or Moby Thrift, that do all of the sorting through items for you, and present just the best options that fit your style.


Shop small first


Shopping at small businesses help your local economy, as well as contributing to products and services that are more sustainably made. If your neighbor hand crochets dolls, you know that they are made ethically, versus a crocheted doll you could purchase off of Amazon. Putting your money in the right places makes a huge difference!


Get a recycling can


If you don’t already have a recycling can issued by your city, figure out how to get one. Even if it’s something small, or if you have to schedule a weekly pickup yourself. See if you can get a recycling bin for your office, if they don’t already have one. The same goes for any space you find yourself occupying a majority of your time. If there isn’t a recycling bin available to you, you’re more likely to throw away something that really should be recycled.