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Many of us have good intentions when it comes to recycling. But, if we’re not mindful of what we’re putting in our bins for routine pickup, we could be sending more to landfills than we realize.

In Nevada, you can put many different materials in your curbside recycling bin. However, some require a bit of prep work before they’re good to go.

Curbside Recyclables in Nevada

Your regular recycling container, the one that gets picked up by the city, is for the following items:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic (labeled 1, 2, 5 or 7)

Although you may have the best of intentions with other items, you should always limit your recycling to what’s listed. Otherwise, your entire recycling bin is compromised, and nothing can be recycled.

Can I Recycle Food Containers?

Many food items are packaged in recyclable plastic, but if food waste isn’t cleaned off those containers, they’re not eligible for recycling. Along those same lines, cardboard with food waste on it is not recyclable. So those pizza boxes and other to-go containers need to find their way into the trash bin instead.

Plastic That Cannot Be Recycled

Although they seem to accumulate in large quantities, and you’re probably anxious to get them out of your house, plastic sacks cannot be put in your curbside recycling. But, you don’t have to dispose of them in a traditional waste dumpster, either. Many plastic bags and wrappers are accepted for recycling at grocery or big-box stores. If this type of flimsy plastic is included in regular recycling, it has the potential to jam or damage the machines made for recycling other materials.

Recycling facilities are equipped to process rigid plastics, and you can check the specifications of what’s accepted in your area if you’re unsure.

Green Waste Recycling

For recycling yard waste, you have the option to schedule a curbside pickup from your city, drop off green waste at a designated facility, or rent a green dumpster out of pocket. Either way, it can have a positive impact on the environment. While yard waste is organic and decomposes in landfills, it can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. If green waste can instead be upcycled, such as in the form of mulch, it’s a more environmentally friendly option.

Recycling Electronic Waste

Did you know you can recycle electronics in Nevada? While they can’t be included in your curbside bin or a waste dumpster rental, they can be sent to certified recycling facilities that handle batteries, computers, or other electronic devices. Keeping these items out of landfills prevents the waste of valuable metals, and it prevents the contamination of soil and water.

Recycling Appliances in Nevada

The state of Nevada does have programs in place to responsibly dispose of household appliances such as a refrigerator. If it’s still in working condition, you can usually contact Nevada Energy for appliance pick up, which will keep your item out of a landfill (and keep potentially harmful substances from polluting the environment). 

Smaller appliances, like toasters, mixers, or blenders, are often made of recyclable materials; but they’re mixed together! So, what can you do? Many facilities will accept special waste for free, or for a small fee.

Best Curbside Recycling Practices

The practice of throwing anything even remotely comprised of paper, plastic, or glass into the recycling bin is often referred to as “wishcycling.” Although it’s often done with the best of intentions, it typically means your recyclables get dumped in a landfill along with those ineligible items. To avoid wasting your efforts, be sure that you not only put acceptable items into your curbside bin but that they’re properly prepped:

  • Wash and dry eligible materials
  • Replace caps on plastic bottles/jars
  • Keep items loose in your bin (do not bag or box them)

Recycling to Save Water

Did you know that recycling saves water? In Nevada, that’s an extremely precious resource, and one of many reasons to commit to proper recycling. It’s estimated that 5% of the water used in the United States is for industrial purposes. That means recycling not only gives new life to products with finite raw materials, but it reduces water consumption as well. 

Henderson & Las Vegas Collection Centers

Why would a company that specializes in waste dumpster rentals care so much about recycling? It’s because, at Western Elite, we also specialize in recycling. We have our own collection centers in Henderson & Las Vegas, and we take care to sort waste products from recyclables. When you rent a dumpster from us, our team can help you determine the best size for the job at hand, whether it’s for yard waste you’d like to recycle, construction debris you need to dispose of, or large-scale projects with potentially recyclable materials. While you can book a garbage dumpster rental, you can also rent a dumpster for recyclables.

Our waste dumpster rentals can be available in as few as four hours, and we offer a variety of sizes for convenience. Let us know if you have questions about what items we accept in our rentals, and how we can best serve you.