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The prospect of our earth suddenly becoming “liberated” from the influence of humans has long been a conceit of popular fiction and sociopolitical academia. Truly, there is no shortage of books, films, graphic novels, or YouTube videos detailing not only what would happen if mankind suddenly disappeared, but what kind of dramatic implications could be levied against those who might remain.

From a planet inhabited by apes of advanced intelligence to human scavengers forming clans of “neo-cavepeople” in a newly established age of stone and rusted metal, there are a few hallmarks of the post-civilization genre that may give a clue as to how the world would really be like if the essential jobs stopped being done. Foliage would exert its dominance once more and take over our cities; animals would start expanding their feeding and migration territories; evidence of mankind would slowly be swallowed up by the earth. In fact, while some of our influence will eventually be undone, much of the evidence of our habitation will remain for millennia.

Mother Nature’s Dominance

Perhaps the most shocking thing to consider when contemplating the world without us is how quickly the earth would recover control of our greatest achievements. Rough estimates have been drawn up by scientists on just how fast this process would commence:

  • Within hours, oil refineries will explode.
  • Within days, subways will become submerged.
  • Within months, all the electrical generators will die, darkening the earth.
  • Within years, unchecked climate change of freezing and thawing will topple skyscrapers.
  • Within centuries, even our most rampant pollution would dissipate.

While it is interesting to consider the hypothetical implications of man’s disappearance from the earth, there is evidence of far more pressing concerns happening right before our eyes. What happens if our waste management infrastructure were to suddenly collapse, or if we simply stopped caring enough to make a dumpster rental and have professionals dispose of our refuse? We don’t have to look into the future to see how this attitude has affected some societies around the world.

The World Without Waste Management

Not everyone has a Western Elite, a waste management company dedicated to cleaning our communities and ensuring a clean future. Our recycling initiatives help to make Henderson the best place to secure a dumpster rental in Nevada. But all around the world are examples of societies with a long history of apathy towards their trash control. Five years ago, countries like Chile and Turkey were considered the leaders in waste mismanagement, with unregulated dumping and less than 1% of their total trash getting recycled.

Today, India is identified as much by its mountains of trash as it is the Taj Mahal. What happens when there is no one to bring a roll-off dumpster to the construction site, or who mixes C & D refuse with recyclables, industrial waste, and human sludge? Unfortunately, we can see the results for ourselves.

  • Unchecked Disease: Some Indian cities with little to no waste management have registered over 70% of their citizenry as affected by at least one trash-related disease. Sicknesses like encephalitis, jaundice, cholera, dysentery, worms, and skin rashes are common.
  • Uncontrolled Accidents: Some trash heaps around the world have been documented to be taller than buildings. Within the fissures and tight spaces of these piles, methane will spontaneously combust, creating fires that are nearly impossible to extinguish. Meanwhile, as the inside of the pile burns, the structural integrity becomes unsafe, which leads to sinkholes and collapses. Many people are injured every year in such a manner.
  • Unbeatable Vagrancy: With unregulated landfills comes unregulated vagrants who appear to sift through the trash for trinkets to sell. The fact of the matter is that the poor and homeless population will be at the greatest risk as they will be attracted to the scavenging or work that such trash heaps promise.
  • Unforeseen Crises: Trash has to go somewhere, whether you rent a dumpster in Henderson and have us do it for you or not. It is human nature to pile our trash in designated areas. In such instances, trash tends to bend the whole area to its influence. Trash heaps ruin biodiversity by destroying animal habitats; toxic leachate (liquid sludge produced by trash) can infect rivers, ponds, and the local groundwater; the soil quickly becomes infertile and unstable.

Considering the world without a good dumpster rental agency is a distressing thing. The truth is that we collectively have the power to protect our earth and the health of our loved ones by caring about waste management. If you are interested in how Western Elite handles this important responsibility, check out our recycling measures here