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We’ve talked before about how the climate you are in is really important to the success of your garden! Not all plants will thrive in all environments, so before digging up your garden and getting ready to plant your garden, you should do your research and make sure your plants will actually do well! In Nevada, gardening without any guidance can be difficult! So, what fruits and vegetables do best in the complicated Nevada climate?



Lettuce is a really easy vegetable to grow, and will result in a bountiful harvest, perfect for a summer salad. It can grow easily from seed and be ready to harvest in as little as six weeks, and is naturally resistant to many pests.




The cucumber is the Nevada gardener’s dream vegetable. It’s so easy to grow. It does well in full sun but it needs soil with good drainage. You can plant them in early spring, and then again mid-summer, if you’re hoping for two harvests of this vegetable!




Our tip for tomato success, is to plant seedlings, rather than tomato seeds. Another tip? Keep your tomato plants partially shaded! If this isn’t naturally available, you can use shade fabric to make your job easier! If this is your first year doing tomatoes, we recommend Early Girl, Jasper, or Celebrity.




Onions are an important part of a healthy garden ecosystem, as well as an incredibly versatile vegetable to have in your kitchen. When you add onions to your garden, they’ll keep most pests away, which will help your garden thrive. Some plants near onions could take on the flavor of onions, so be careful where you plant them.




Squash like summer squash and zucchini are great for this Nevada climate! If any of your friends of neighbors have ever had a garden, you’ve probably come home with a squash or two. That’s just a testament to how easy of a vegetable they are to grow! Just remember, plant less than you think you’ll need!