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Do you know what to do with yard waste when you do routine clean-up or large-scale landscape projects? Although yard waste is considered green material (both literally and figuratively speaking), it can be a problem to send yard waste to a landfill.

For yard projects big or small, renting a yard waste dumpster specifically for green debris is not only convenient but helpful for the environment. You won’t have to make numerous trips to the landfill or green waste facility, and you can rest assured that your yard waste will be handled responsibly.

Does Green Waste Go to the Dump?

If you send compostable, green waste to the dump, its decomposition there can increase greenhouse gas emissions. While there are processes in place to manage methane gas generated by organic waste in landfills, it’s more efficient to divert green waste from landfills in the first place.

Since landfills are designed to store debris, there is a lack of sufficient oxygen to help organic materials such as grass clippings decompose successfully. So in addition to generating methane, which contributes to global warming, the organic waste adds to the volume at the landfill. Here’s how working with Western Elite can help.

What Western Elite Does with Yard Waste

Instead of sending yard waste to the landfill to generate excess methane and take up space, Western Elite recycles these materials. How do you recycle green waste? Well, our company ensures that as much green waste as possible is upcycled into products such as wood chips or mulch.

Because Western Elite owns recycling facilities in Nevada, we can oversee the proper disposal and upcycling of materials ranging from yard waste to construction debris. 

All of our roll-off dumpster rental options can be used for yard waste disposal. No special arrangements are required, and you can choose from the following sizes:


  • Low profile, fits 2 to 3 pickup truck loads.


  • Fits 4 to 5 pickup truck loads.


  • Fits 9 to 11 pickup truck loads.


  • Fits 12 to 14 pickup truck loads.

Please remember that only the Lowboy dumpster accepts heavy materials such as dirt and concrete. If you’re removing those items during your yard project, opt for the Lowboy not only for ease of loading but for safety

Don’t have a huge landscaping project, but still want to recycle yard waste? You can bring your materials to one of two Western Elite recovery facilities in Nevada. These drop-off locations conveniently service Summerlin, Henderson, and the Las Vegas valley. 

Nellis Material Recovery Facility

4975 Alto Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89115

Open Mon-Sat: 5am-5pm

Wynn Material Recovery Facility

4610 Wynn Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89103

Open Mon-Fri: 6am-5pm

Open Sat: 6am-12pm

All of the materials brought to our recovery facilities are sorted to ensure that anything recyclable is removed and diverted from the landfill.

Other Ways to Recycle Yard Waste

Another method for recycling yard waste is composting. A healthy compost pile includes both brown and green materials, many of which can be found in your yard. The brown materials are carbon-rich, while the green materials are chock full of nitrogen. As long as you’re not using yard waste that has been treated with pesticides or fungicides, it can safely be added to your compost pile.

Brown Yard Waste for Composting

  • Wood chips
  • Straw
  • Dead leaves

Green Yard Waste for Composting

  • Grass clippings
  • Live leaves or plant trimmings

The combination of yard waste materials, oxygen, moisture, and heat will provide you with nutrient-rich soil for your garden beds in a matter of weeks.

You can also use your yard waste as mulch without doing anything fancy; dead leaves can be chopped with a lawn mower, or simply spread over flower beds or at the base of trees. If you’re removing trees from your yard, chop them to supply wood to your outdoor firepit, or rent a wood chipper to make bark mulch.

Recycle Yard Waste with Western Elite Today

Since burning yard waste is prohibited throughout much of Nevada, composting or recycling it are two much safer and environmentally friendly options. If Western Elite can help with green waste cleanup by providing yard waste dumpster rentals, give us a call at (702) 550-0190, or schedule a rental online today.