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If you live in Nevada and recycle, there’s a good chance you’ve recycled cardboard at some point. But do you know everything about recycling this common material in your area?

Can All Cardboard be Recycled?

When it comes to recycling, cardboard is usually at the top of the list when thinking of recyclables. But is all cardboard recyclable? In general, the answer is yes. However, some types of cardboard are much more difficult to recycle due to their size, shape, or coating. 

Cardboard That CANNOT be Recycled

A prime example of this is milk and juice cartons which have an inner plastic lining that adds an extra layer of complexity for recycling centers. Also, keep in mind that pizza boxes generally cannot be recycled due to grease saturation. So when considering what kind of cardboard you want to throw out, make sure you match it up with your local recycling guidelines or facility before tossing it away.

How to Tell if Cardboard is Recyclable 

The best way to tell if a piece of cardboard can be recycled is to look for the recycling symbol printed on the package or container. This symbol will have numbers ranging from 1-7, with each number representing a different type of material that can be recycled. If you don’t see any symbols or numbers, check with your local recycling center to find out which types of cardboard they accept. They may also provide information about where and how you can dispose of materials that aren’t recyclable. 

What Can You Do to Make Cardboard Recycling Easier?

Although it can feel like a hassle, it’s important to break down large boxes before stuffing them in curbside recycling, taking them to a recycling center, or putting them in your dumpster rental. This will save space in the facility and help make it easier for workers to sort through materials quickly. 

Secondly, separate out any plastic or metal from the cardboard packages and discard or recycle those items separately. 

Finally, make sure that there are no liquids or food waste still lingering on the cardboard before dropping it off.

How Many Times Can Cardboard Be Recycled?

From cereal boxes to Amazon packages, cardboard is an essential part of modern life. It might surprise you to learn that this seemingly fragile material can actually be recycled up to seven times! Recycling a single ton of cardboard saves over three cubic yards of landfill space, so every time we recycle it, we’re contributing to environmental sustainability. Not only that, but recycled cardboard requires 74% less energy than producing new. So the next time you break down those cardboard boxes, remember: the more you recycle, the better off our planet will be!

General Rules About Recycling

  • Not all plastic can be recycled
  • Materials need to be clean in order to be recycled
  • Recycling plastic reduces its quality (it can only be recycled up to three times)
  • Glass and metal can be recycled an infinite number of times
  • Like cardboard, paper can be recycled up to seven times


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Tips for Reducing Your Cardboard Waste

Reducing cardboard waste is a great way to help your wallet and the environment. As a business or individual, there are some changes you can make to reduce cardboard waste.

How Businesses Can Reduce Cardboard Usage and Waste

  • When you receive deliveries, reuse the cardboard boxes in the office or recycle them
  • Reduce packaging waste and use recyclable or compostable materials
  • Use an industrial shredder to make packing material, and to break down recyclables
  • Use a cardboard baler for convenient bundling

How to Reduce Cardboard Use as a Consumer

  • Opt out of using boxes when shopping at wholesale stores and instead use fabric bags for groceries
  • Recycle packaging if deliveries come in boxes
  • Seek out businesses that are committed to using recycled/recyclable materials so brands see it’s worth the investment.

Avoiding nonessential consumption is key. If you can’t do without the convenience of cardboard packages, try finding cardboard locally that has already been used once to reduce its impact on the environment.