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Whether you need to rent a dumpster for residential or commercial use, there are a few dos and don’ts that apply to all dumpster rental.

Do select the right size container.

Selecting the right size container is essential. Go with too small of a container, and your dumpster will not serve you for as long as you need it to; go with too large of a container, and you’re using more space and more resources than you need. A truly great waste management company will offer several different container sizes to best cater to your needs. Check out our dumpster rental page if you need help determining the right container size for your next residential or commercial project.

Don’t overload your container.

On a similar note, if you do happen to fill your container very quickly, it’s important not to overload your container. Instead, work with your waste management company to handle your fluctuating volumes. A reputable company will offer flexible, responsive scheduling so that you never have to overload your container.

Do adhere to disposal guidelines.

Each container comes with a unique set of disposal guidelines for a reason; make sure you adhere to the particular guidelines that correspond with your rental. For example, if you’ve rented a 30 yard container for a medium to large project such as interior remodeling, you have to be sure not to load your container with dirt, rock, brick, asphalt, concrete, or sod; doing so could cause your container to exceed its 8 ton limit, complicating the hauling away process. (In this case, it is better to rent a concrete lowboy; it will fill before it exceeds 8 tons, and it is designed for easy loading.) And if your waste management company outlines any unacceptable waste materials, such as pollutants or medical wastes, be sure to dispose of those materials appropriately to adhere to local laws and regulations.

Do go with a reputable company.

Be sure to go with a waste management company that will offer professional service. Not only is it convenient, but it could also impact your professional image. A truly reputable company will deliver a clean and graffiti-free container, right when you need it. Here at Western Elite, for example, we are proud to offer a four hour guarantee of clean container delivery to our customers in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. You should also expect reliable haul-away service, with no debris left behind after your container is hauled off site.