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One of the main concerns for every home and business owner is whether or not we are contributing to the overall value of our neighborhoods and cities; this is certainly something that we at Western Elite think about often. There is nothing quite as disheartening as seeing the places we love succumb to trash and pollution, and as a waste management agency, we knew that we needed to lead the charge in creating a standard of cleanliness and environmentalism that would be easy for others to follow.

At Western Elite we believe that managing your trash doesn’t have to be a chore that comes at the expense of your convenience or the environment. With how frequently one may see rusted, graffitied dumpsters around their neighborhoods it’s clear that we all have projects that require an outside service to help haul away refuse from a construction project or renovation. Oftentimes the sight of one of these dumpsters means that in a day or two, a loud truck (not so different in appearance from the dumpster itself) will appear to take that trash away to be dumped in a landfill somewhere.

We believe there’s a better way to serve our community than simply adding to the general waste problem that is growing with every passing year.

Dedicated to our Nevadan Neighbors

Each year, Western Elite proves its dedication to the community by:

  • Recycling: We sort through 100% of the trash that we collect before determining what can be reused. Nevada generates nearly twice the national average of waste per person, so this effort is essential to achieving our goal of recycling 25% of all accumulated waste in the state.
  • Creating Opportunities for Nevadan Youth: Western Elite knows that in order to give our youth the best possible future, we need to not only work now to give them a clean world but opportunities for education and experience. Therefore we donate to various youth organizations and scholarships throughout the state in order to help our kids find their passion.
  • Establishing Community Events: We know that the best way to feel the desire to help our community is to get to know the community. We are your neighbors and friends and want to create strong bonds with the families who use our services. As such, we have partnered with The Williams Family to create an annual Christmas extravaganza where parents and kids alike can relish in the magic of the season with train rides, activities, and good food.
  • Providing Hundreds of Jobs: At Western Elite we believe that it is the right of every person to have the chance at honest work and to provide for their family. Where we can help with this, we will. Currently, we are providing 290 of our neighbors with employment opportunities, thus boosting our local economy and beautifying our community. Check back often to see what positions we have available.

As a family-owned and operated business, we take seriously the charge to leave our neighborhoods and state better than we inherited them. There is much that the proper collection and disposal of waste can do to help with this, but we aren’t satisfied with having that be our only contribution, especially since we have the means to do more. The next time you have need for trash removal in Nevada, remember the big blue dumpster and the promise that it carries with it— you’ll not only be helping yourself but the whole community.